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12 gauge Florida/Illinois Legal, 'Bolo,' round, 6 rounds Discounts Apply !
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12 gauge Florida/Illinois Legal, 'Bolo,' round, 6 rounds

Now residents of Illinois and Florida can enjoy using Bolo rounds for their 12 gauges. Our 'Bolo,' round for these states feature an ounce and a half of lead payload. That's right folks, two balls at 3/4 ounce apiece or the same payload as two 20 gauge magnum slugs are kept close together by a 6" elastomeric cable that is related to Kevlar and Kevlar is strong as aluminum. To keep the recoil from being too brisk, we slowed the payload down to 1,100 feet per second but that is STILL plenty of horsepower to get the job done. If you want the humane instant lethality that a 6 inch wide entrance wound and you reside in Florida or Illinois, reah for the Florida Bolo. Should you want to see for yourself what the law says as of 15 May 2010 says, then feel free to visit these links:

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Price: $20.95

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