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12 Gauge Ball and Chain round, 6 rounds Discounts Apply !
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12 Gauge Ball and Chain round, 6 rounds

Nothing says 'I love you,' like a six inch wide entry wound. Some folks call these rounds 'bolo' rounds. These rounds contain two .58 Caliber musket balls connected by a 6" seven strand, braided steel cable. While the cable keeps the balls close together in flight it makes its own wound path upon impact. You have to see this round in action to truly appreciate it. Please see the vid on Youtube: at about 16:25 you will see the projectiles cut a 4" wide path down the entire length of a 18" long block of ballistic gelatin. These rounds are illegal in several jurisdictions including but not limited to FL, MA, IL, HI, AK, DC and NYC. Before buying please check your local regulations. Due to high demand for our quality products please be advised that your order will ship in approximately 3-4 weeks. We’ll e-mail you a FEDEX tracking number the day we ship.

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Price: $20.95

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