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12 gauge ALL STEEL Sabot Slug, 5 rounds Discounts Apply !
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12 gauge ALL STEEL Sabot Slug, 5 rounds

DO NOT USE IN TUBULAR MAGAZINES!!! Finally police have a 12 gauge round they can use to stop a suspect's car dead in its tracks or to reach through a barricade to stop a suspect. The 400 grain hard steel slug moves at 1,700 feet per second and the polygonal tail, a variation of our patented, 'Mass Forward,' technology stabilizes the round in flight. The slug itself looks just like a .50 BMG slug, except that it's .421" in diameter. The slug can pass through any standard choke up to full choke but don't use it in an extra full or tighter as the polygonal tail will be crushed and the slug will tumble in flight. If you are a peace officer and have to reach through up to a half inch of steel to stop your suspect, then reach for the Steel Slug. This round MUST NOT be loaded into a tubular magazine. Serious injury will result if you do. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

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