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.50 BMG/12 gauge sabot, 6 rounds Discounts Apply !
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.50 BMG/12 gauge sabot, 6 rounds

Good news!!! We have figured out how to load .50BMG bullets into 12 gauge hulls!!! By using a variation of our patented MassForward technology we are able to make the .50BMG ball round nearly three and a half inches long when the slug exits the barrel. In plain English a portion of the wad stays with the bullet in flight, like fletching on an arrow. Not everyone can own a .50BMG but now everyone who owns a 12 gauge can throw .50BMG rounds down range. For now we are using M8 where we can and M33 where we have to. Believe it or not the regular ball rounds are more expensive than the API rounds, almost twice as much. We'll keep the price the same for as long as we can. Inasmuch as these rounds throw almost an ounce and a half out the end of the barrel we are only getting 1,200 fps at the muzzle. And you though your punk brother-in-law's rusted out El Camino was worthless...By hitting the 'buy it now,' button you certify that you are of legal age to buy and possess this item in the jurisdiction that you reside in. This round is for novelty purposes. should you want a round that will punch through a car without pausing for breath, then see our Armor piercing Discarding Sabot round in the civilian ammo section. Due to high demand for our quality products please be advised that your order will ship in approximately 3-4 weeks. We’ll e-mail you a FEDEX tracking number the day we ship.

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