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.22 Firestorm, 12 pack Discounts Apply !
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.22 Firestorm, 12 pack

Get .50BMG performance from your .22LR. Our chemical process for our .22LR rimfire incendiary is so radical we patented it. The image shown throws sparks easily 5 feet across FROM A .22! This little bullet has earned the title, 'Firestorm.' The silhouette target is a foot tall as a frame of reference. Of course this is an extreme fire hazard so don't shoot in a dry area. For maximum effect use in late afternoon, or early evening. The sun is much brighter than a .22 firestorm. Not for sale in IL, MA, IA, HI, AK, FL, CA. Shipping on our 100 round bulk pack is about 4 bucks more, sorry.

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Price: $20.00

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